Energy Saving

LG Commercial Washers are ENERGY STAR qualified, meeting industry standards of energy efficiency. Choosing ENERGY STAR qualified commercial washers for your laundry will help save cost and the environment.

Space Saving

The small cabinet size with bigger washing capacity and stackable design allows more customers and more machines in limited space.

Atomizing System

The Atomizing nozzle sprays fresh water onto the clothes and the door. This helps produces a rapid fill so clothes are soaked sooner and longer providing a better washing performance. It also cleans the door glass every time the water sprays on it, reducing your burden of cleaning any excess soap residue.


Premium Powder Coated

Our powder coated finish creates the same durability as it does when painting a car. It is sure to last long and provide an easy to clean exterior.

Multi Heat Treatment

To ensure superior performance LG heat treats the shaft which connects our drums and motors. This protects againts gradual wear and tear.

Inverter Direct Drive™

Unlike the traditional belt and pulley, the LG Commercial Laundry drum is directly attached to the motor, providing superior durability and reliability. Less parts equal less repairs.

LG Product Service and Support

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